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Dessert Meets Design: DIY Candy Heart Necklace

On a recent prop-shopping trip, I decided to let kiddo grab some candy from the 5 for $1 bin. For some reason, the Airheads were calling her name. So, she picked the white, orange, and pink, and we made our way to the register. A day later, I got an email from the good folks at Alt Summit that Airheads was running a Craft Your Valentine's contest (you can vote for me here), and a lightbulb went off. I didn't have time to make this craft before Alt, but today was the perfect time.

Using kiddo's remaining candy, I promised I'd make her a Valentine's treat. She was very excited, because she's my right-hand girl when it comes to sweet experiments. We came up with this easy, super affordable Airheads candy necklace! As you'll notice, she couldn't wait to take a bite.
Sweet Tooth DIY Airheads Candy Necklace
Sweet Tooth DIY Airheads Candy Necklace Steps
Sweet Tooth DIY Airheads Candy Necklace Gift
Sweet Tooth DIY Airheads Candy Necklace Gift Box
If you like this project, be sure to swing on by the Airheads Facebook Page, click on the contest tab, view the entries, and vote for me. Thanks!

Want to make an Airheads candy heart necklace for your little loved one? Check out the how-to.

Three strips of Airheads candy
pastry tip of any size (you'll be using the round bottom) or small round cookie cutter
scalloped heart cutter
red and white twine


1) Working on wax paper, roll each Airhead strip to make it slightly wider and thinner. This will also smooth out any indentations from the wrapper.

2) Cut out three hearts of various colors and set aside. Using the small round cutter or the bottom of a pastry tip, cut out four small circle shapes and set aside.

3) Pinch off one small piece of Airheads for each cut shape you have. In this case, four orange pieces, two white pieces, and one pink piece.

4) Arrange your shapes in a straight line, backside up, on the wax paper. Lay the twine across the center of the row of candy. Massage one piece of remnant candy between your fingers to soften it and increase its stickiness. Lay it on top of the backside of the cut shape, sandwiching the twine between the two pieces. The two Airhead pieces will adhere to each other, creating a delicious glue dot of sorts. (Refer to image 2b for a visual of this step). Gently press the two Airhead pieces together to secure the bond.

5) Once all pieces are secured with a backer piece of candy, flip the necklace over, trim the twine ends to the appropriate length, and arrange in a small jewelry box lined with decorative paper. Wrap the necklace in wax paper to keep the candy from hardening if you aren't presenting it immediately.

Notes: As with all candy/clothes combos, there may be some color transfer onto light fabric. This gift is meant to be enjoyed soon after receipt, rather than worn all day.


Joy | Frock Files said...

Your little one is so cute -- and so fashionable with this edible necklace! I love this idea. I also love the idea of being able to eat my necklace. Om nom.

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Joy!

Rowaidaa said...

So pretty love it your daughter is so adorable loing your Instagram.
Happy Valentines day, I would love to share my Valentine dessert table…

Anna Piazza said...

so beautiful and sweet! Perfect for a spring gift *_*

CJN said...

I know I'm finding this way after the fact, but wow! What an amazing and creative project!

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