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DIY Chalkboard Cake Toy

I recently redid my little one's bedroom, and one of the projects I tackled was making a chalkboard table for her to color on. Well, since she's my kid, she's always surrounded by desserts and likes to build cakes from the styrofoam dummies in my office. When I saw this Craft tutorial for a chalkboard cake toy, I just knew this would be a great next project. It's inexpensive, easy, and my girl would just love decorating it.
Simply glue together some nested boxes, prime, and paint with chalkboard paint. Wait for it to dry, and then your little one can decorate again and again. Ready to tackle the task? Check out the tutorial here.


Ms Jess said...

Very cute. You could also make each layer a different color chalkboard paint. I would even display this at a party if I wasn't sensitive to chalk... wonder if I could make this with a dry erase surface?

Dr. Meow, III, Esq. said...

This is adorable! I will definitely be making one for my girls. Thanks for the link!

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