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The Best Box of Chocolates Ever

Look closely, these little wonders look like traditional bite-size chocolates. In reality, they're small cakes! Sweetapolita designed these sweets to look like giant versions of boxed chocolates, and the results are fabulous. Gold lustre dust is used to create faux-foil wrappers, while sprinkles and nuts enhance other varieties.
Here's the inspirational box of real chocolates.
If you loved this Kate Spade glitter cake as much as I did, these golden chocolate cakes will make your day. Simply brush a fondant covered cake with a luster dust/extract solution to achieve the look.
Just like with traditional chocolates, it's hard to choose just one. Which little cake would you try first?


Erica said...

OMG! Yum-mmmmy! Love your site!

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Thanks so much, Erica!

gwen said...

i'd go for the gold heart - all that white fluffy frosting is killing me! it's so fricking cute!

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