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DIY Abstract Art Heart Valentine's Day Favors

It's finally candy month! Er, um I mean the month of love. Yes, Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and the kids and I spent a snow day crafting our little hearts out (pun totally intended). We recently were invited to see The Children's Theatre production of The Frog Bride, and the vibrant, abstract backdrops in the play inspired our Valentine's favors.
The play was unlike any children's play we'd ever seen before. Instead of elaborate sets and a whole cast of characters, The Frog Bride features only writer/director David Gonzalez, pianist Sergei Prokofiev, and violinist Daniel Kelly set against a multi-media backdrop. The story all comes alive in Gonzalez's colorful narrations, which are partnered with abstract, watercolor splashes on the screen. This uncluttered performance really allowed the kids to use their imagination to envision the characters, the scenario, and the story's clever plot twists. The jazz music kept everything lively and engaging.

These DIY Abstract Art Hearts are perfectly unique and wonderfully inexpensive. Even my youngest was able to get fully involved in this project to create watercolor Valentine's cards for lots of friends and family. They're impossible to mess up, and that's a full-on win in my book. Because, ain't nobody got time for frustrated kids. Check out the entire how-to below.

scrapbook paper
watercolors and brush
white school glue
small candy


Step 1: Using watercolors, paint loose, flowing colors onto scrapbook paper. Set aside to dry.
Step 2: Fold each piece of paper in half, and cut half of a heart shape vertically along the fold to create a heart with two even sides once opened.
Step 3: Trace each heart onto a separate piece of scrapbook paper. Using a thin line of glue, paste the plain paper to the back side of the watercolored heart. Be sure to leave a small portion at the top of the heart unpasted, so you can add candy. Set aside to dry.
Step 4: Add a small handful of hard candies or candy-coated chocolates. Seal the top of the two hearts together with a thin line of glue. Press around the perimeter to ensure the seal adheres. Set aside to dry.
DIY Watercolor Abstract Valentine's Day Favors | Shauna Younge
DIY Watercolor Abstract Valentine's Day Favors | Shauna Younge
DIY Watercolor Abstract Valentine's Day Favors | Shauna Younge
DIY Watercolor Abstract Valentine's Day Favors | Shauna Younge
Easy, right? But, so colorful and memorable. I love these little favors.

* I received free tickets to review The Frog Bride, but this review and the craft are all my own. *

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