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I am frequently contacted by people interested in starting their own dessert table business. Here, you will find several of the most common questions and the one answer that addresses them all.

Q) How can I start my own dessert table business?
Q) Can you give me advice about pricing/product/contracts?
Q) How do you find your contacts and resources?
Q) Can I have a copy of your business plan?
Q) How much profit do you make?
Q) Can I do this full-time?

A) Starting a business is a very personal decision. Your goals, clientele, location, cost of living, overhead, etc. factor into making some of the most crucial decisions regarding your company. Without knowing these variables, it would be negligent of me to offer advice. It would also be wrong to offer "one size fits all" advice for inquirers, since each situation can vary greatly.

For this reason, I hesitate to advise anyone on their prices, contractual agreements, or other business dealings. What works for me might be utterly disastrous for someone else.

The best advice I can give: Research, research, research and be willing to adapt to the changing variables that affect your company.

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