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Dessert Table: Red, White, and Mmmm

I immediately fell in love with this peppermint-themed event. Everything has been thought of, everything. The linens, the peppermint truffles, and the striped translucent favor bags can only be topped by the waiter serving peppermint martinis.

This is so lovely, and even better, it's attainable. Drape a white cloth over a table or console and use a red runner (or any red fabric) down the center of the table. You don't have to try to accomplish the large bow, simply having that shock of color will create a jaw-dropping effect. I used this technique for an event. Check out the pics here.

Although hiring a waiter might not be feasible, you can arrange the glasses on sliver trays. Put one tray on each end of the dessert buffet. Pour the drinks right before guests arrive and leave a recipe card for guest to refill for themselves as the night continues.

Place your tree or an attention-grabbing menorah in one corner to draw people into the room, and enjoy your handiwork.

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