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Dessert Table: Silver and Black

I love when dessert and design inspire each other, so when a reader told me of her desire to do a black and silver party I was motivated to help her come up with some ideas. Encourage your guests to wear shades of black, grey, silver, and white and create desserts to match their attire. Want to go really unconventional, try hanging your white tree upside down.

A dessert table inspired by a black and silver holiday party seems classically chic, not dark and depressing. Hopefully, Smitten Sugar, this will help you convince your family to get onboard with your upscale Christmas.

Foods as simple as silver Jordan almonds, powdered mini-donuts, and chocolate-covered Oreos can keep even a miserly Scrooge's dessert budget intact.

Party guests (Martha Stewart), Stacked presents (Blueprint), Dessert table (Country Living), Cupcakes (Sugarbloom Cupcakes), 4-tier cake (, napkins (, Silver Jordan almonds (Oh Nuts!), White and milk chocolate Oreos (, Upside down tree (Seattle Homes & Lifestyles)


Smitten Sugar said...

I love it...thanks so much for coming up with some ideas for me! :)

Lindsay said...

You are so talented! Thanks for your comment! Your work is just gorgeous! I will follow you to keep up with your fun blog! Hope you have a happy holidays :) Hugs!


Mini Baker said...

so chic! love your blog, just found it!!
can't wait to browse!
-Mini Baker

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