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Last-Minute Christmas Treats


I'm sure you're rushing around and dealing with the crowds and traffic that this time of year inevitably brings, so a full dessert table probably isn't high on your to-do. That doesn't mean you can't still incorporate candy into your holiday decor.

Stick with a simple red and white palette to make any last minute tasks easy. Use candy canes to prop up seating cards, or attach names to goodie bags filled with gourmet marshmallows at each seat. If you're feeling like you've got some extra time, create tiny gingerbread houses (you can cheat and use a pre-baked kit) to hang on the rim of your cocoa mug.

Peppermint decor (Martha Stewart), Pizelle cone ornaments (Country Living), Peppermint marshmallows (Edible Crafts)

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