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Extreme Makeover: Home (Office) Edition

What a relief! I converted a previously unused, junky room into a home office. I tried to keep it simple and bright so that I wouldn't get distracted by lots of patterns and colors while designing new dessert tables.

First we moved all of my craft and dessert stuff in so we could start laying out the arrangement. I bought a desk, bookcase, and inspiration boards. This took trips to three different stores, but it was worth it. Once in place, my typically unobservant hub realized they all had a crisscross pattern. I hadn't noticed that at all. What a fortunate accident!

Next we constructed the bookshelf. I used Post-its to configure the best layout. I put frequently-used items, like weddings magazines and fabric swatches, at eye level.

 My little one "helped" by repeatedly cleaning out my work bag.

And now...the after pics!

Springy green curtains add subtle color to the room, while crisp, fresh white brightens up my work space.

I'm obsessed with this dress right now. It's the inspiration centerpiece for my upcoming pink and navy "Love" dessert table.

I love my new space. It's so functional and organized. I even have space on the other side of the room to do a full-sized dessert table mock-up to help bring my sketches to life.

What does your home office look like? If it's as non-existent as mine used to be, take the time to invest in a space that works for you.


LadybugLuggage said...

Wow, you did an amazing job!!! Love the desk but the only thing better than the makeover is your helper absolutely adorable ;)

DollFace Delights said...

This is so cute. I have been saying for months now I need to get my butt in order and get my office fixed up. Thanks for the motivation!!

Sharnel said...

Shauna, your office is just beautiful. Can i ask where you found the boxes/caddies on the bookshelf? The geometric patterned ones.

Calie said...

LOVE that desk - where did you find it?

Jessica said...

This is fabulous! I'm inspired.

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