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White Chocolate Cocoa

I love a twist on a classic. Nothing says "winter" more than hot chocolate, but there is something decidedly chic (and wonderfully buttery) about white chocolate cocoa. You can easily make some from scratch, but if you're like me the most you're willing to do is substitute milk for water.

I also experiment with toppings. Crumbled peppermint went over well, and so did butterscotch chips. My favorite addition this winter has been Cookies n Creme Hershey's white chocolate nuggets. The little cookie bits float to the top, making a nice crunchy little nibble with each spoonful (not to mention a gooey white chocolate heap at the bottom of the mug).

What toppings are you adding to your cocoa this winter?

Image 1 (Life 123), Image 2 (The Good Mood Food Blog), Image 3 (Once Upon a Plate)

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