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Cannelle Et Vanille's Pink & Copper Macarons

I love Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle Et Vanille bakes the most beautiful things and takes the most beautiful pictures. She created this gorgeous pink and copper shoot and shared it with Bride's Guide editor, Darcy Miller.
Wanna try to make these gorgeous macarons yourself? Aran shared the recipe here.


Party Box Design said...

ohhh will have to check out that recipe!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. But it makes me wonder, did you ask to use these photos? I wonder that on most of the photo on your site?
Just because you add the link to the original source, does not mean you have permission to use other people's work.
Now, if you DO have permission to use a photo, go for it. In that case, maybe you could add, "Photo used with permission"

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi Anonymous,

Aran doesn't allow use of photos on her blog, but this was taken from MSW's blog. According to their rules, their content is available for non-commercial use. I am not selling these images or claiming them as my own.

I am posting them for my personal enjoyment, and hopefully yours as well. In the blogosphere, it's standard for authors to simply request a link to their original post and credit for their work. In fact, most bloggers clearly state this on their pages. Given this statement, I don't ask to publish their work each and every time.

Since you are anonymous, I don't know if you are an offended party whose work I shared against your wishes. I try to read author's sharing rules prior to posting, but I am human and may have erred in the past. If I have used some of your work, let me know and I will remove it.

Thanks for the inquiry,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for at least being open to the discussion.
I disagree with you a bit on your definition of "personal use".
At some level you are using this blog to promote yourself/your business.
I just don't ever seen any good reason for using other people's work without permission.

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm always up for reader feedback. I looked further into MSW's The Bride's Guide posts. Each post features a "Share This" button for readers to easily post to several social media sites, including Blogger.

I understand and appreciate your feelings about whether the blog is truly for personal use. If anything, my post would likely make you fall more and more in love with Martha.

I think that given the nature of wedding blogs and MSW's choice to include the optional "Share This" button, it is understood that images, recipes, and articles will be shared in an ongoing, real-time fashion.

In fact, upon clicking the "Share This" button to add this article to the SYDT Facebook page, the images are automatically attached.

I would love to hear how fellow bloggers feel about this topic. It could be an interesting, enlightening discussion.

Thanks for be willing to continue the conversation.


Enchanted Expectations said...

Very pretty pics

The Budget Brides Handbook said...

Shauna, I am in complete agreement with you. As a blogger, there are times I have to use other images to highlight a point or showcase something that I thought was interesting. I think that this issue is always going to be up for debate. I don't have a disclosure statement on my blog but I think it is time to add one. I think that Anonymous has made some great points but I think that this is a really sketchy subject where the rules are not always clearly defined. Love your blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to weigh in. I think that the blogospere exists as a way to share information. If you don't want information out there, don't put it out there! I think posting a picture with credit given and a link back to their website is basically the standard that I have seen around the internet. Most people with blogs welcome the exposure of new people to their content. After all, that is the point of blogging for most
people-to share.

I think as long as portions of posts are used, not entire ones, and credit is given to the original source then everything is in accordance with the law (providing the person did not expressly forbid their content being used without permission.)

Blogs don't exist in a vacuum- they are a way for people to share ideas, connect with each other, and ultimately to be a part of something larger then oneself while adding one's views to the mix.

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