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Editorial Cakes

Fellow Minnesotan Laura Nelli's clutch was featured in L'etoile Magazine's 2010 Spring Editorial. The classic clutch by Nelle is beautiful, and it's well-paired with a hat made of cake! Thea Farrington of Perfect Day Cakes, Marie of Celebration Generation Cakes, and Sheela of Cake Eater Bakery each tailored cakes to compliment the couture.
Here are a couple of other shots that Laura fell in love with from the shoot.

Image 1 (Celebration Generation Cakes), Image 2 & 3 (Perfect Day Cakes) Photography (Kate Iverson)


Party Box Design said...

amazing! so outside of the box!

Marie Porter said...

Hi there,

Actually, that top cake was one of my pieces!

Thea was one of 3 decorators involved with the shoot. Besides myself (Celebration Generation Cakes), Sheela from Cake Eater Bakery was also involved.

Hope this helps! :)

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Thank you, Marie for the info. I'll make an amendment to the post. Beautiful work.

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