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Eureka! Fried Truffles

Last night, I met with Bethany of Emmy Lu Design Studio and B*spoke and Maddy of Inspired Bride and Nonpareil Magazine for a working dinner. I was about to pass on dessert (I'd sampled several sweets during the workday, and was nearly in a sugar coma), but the girls convinced me. I admit, they didn't have to try too hard. Low and behold...fried chocolate truffles! Who knew there was such a thing?
They look like little hush puppies, but ours was drizzled with chocolate and served on top of a fried tortilla a la mode. Breaking into the fried shell results in a pool of warm chocolate that runs onto the plate.

It was only after we'd partially devoured it, that I thought to take a picture. Needless to say, I thought this image would be a better illustration.

Image (Interchangable Parts)

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Kim @ Frost Me! said...

oh my! That sounds too good!

Kim @
party inspiration

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