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New Trend: Designer Popsicles

With the resurgence of whoopie pies and cupcakes, it was only a matter of time before another childhood classic got an upgrade. The emerging trend this summer? Gourmet popsicles. Be on the lookout for unusual flavor combinations like chocolate fig, white chocolate pear, and Thai iced coffee.

Locopops, a North Carolinian chain, features exotic and classic gourmet pops like cookies and cream, mango chile, candy corn, and pomegranate five spice.

New York City is home to popbar, which specializes in gelato, sorbet, and yogurt pops.  The Gianduia bar features dark chocolate-dipped, hazelnut-topped gelato. Perhaps a Pistachio Drizzle or Vanilla Splash is more to your liking. Still not satisfied? This shop lets you customize your pop, from the stick up.
Don't have an upscale popsicle shop in your area? Consider making some yourself. There are great recipes out there. Try these limoncello ones or these mango pineapple ones.

Image (Amanda Clarke via Flickr), Image 2 (popbar), Image 3 (NY Magazine)
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