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Letterpress Recipe Cards

I have a box of tattered, mismatched recipe cards in an old wooden box. Some of them are my mom's recipes, others I've written, and each sparks nostalgia of a time when she and I tweaked and experimented to perfect each one. With all of the memories those recipes stir, there's nothing inspiring about the cards themselves.

Nothing says sophistication more than letterpressed papers. These letterpressed recipe cards by Dingbat Press are an affordable luxury. If you have a collection of finely-honed, favorite recipes, don't they deserve to be preserved in such a lovely fashion? I've been eyeing some of these designs to jazz up my old recipe box.
Not a fan of sunshine yellow and precious pink? Don't worry, you can choose your hue for a truly custom design.
Check out all of the Dingbat Press recipe cards at the Etsy store.

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