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Mix n Match Cupcakes

There's no end in sight to the cupcake craze. Thousands of boutique bakeries focused solely on those little cakes have popped up all over the country offering hundreds of different flavors. But, with all of those options, very few give you the control to mix and match your way to the perfect cupcake.

Saint Cupake Takes Flight allows you to choose from ten cake flavors, eight icings, and nineteen sprinkles to create your cupcake. I'm dying to try a vanilla toffee cupcake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate jimmies. I must admit, though, I'd also add a dash of sea salt to counter some of the sweetness and hopefully achieve a nice salty/sweet mix.
If you still need more options, you can also choose cupcake accessories like flags, banners, and sprinkles scoops. The cupcakes and fixings are shipped to you, and you decorate and frost to your heart's content.

What's your dream combo? Check out Saint Cupcake Take Flight to see your options, and let me know here, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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