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Subtle Sweetness: The Caketress

My friend Maddy, of The Inspired Bride, recently posted a few images from Caketress Lori Hutchinson's portfolio. They were so beautiful, that I had to swing by Lori's site to see more. Lori's designs are beautiful, as are a lot of cakes, but her style creates an impact by relying on intricate details rather than bold, bright colors.

By replicating fabric textures, button designs, and draping, Lori brings a richness to her designs that negates the need for "Hey, look at me!" color palettes. Pleated layers of fondant, cascading flowers, and cameo accents make these cakes subtly sweet.

Be sure to visit Lori's gallery for even more beautiful pics.

Image 1 (Rebecca Wood Photography), Image 2-4 (Rowell Photography)


The Budget Brides Handbook said...

OMG I just found her a week ago on Twitter. Her cakes look amazing and yummy.

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

I know! You almost wouldn't want to ruin them by cutting into the cake. What a fabulous dilemma.

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