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A Sweet Non-Stop Flight

If you fly Delta like many Minnesotans, then you're very familiar with their biscoff cookies. I'll admit it, I've often stolen my husband's pack and squirreled them away while he's sleeping in the seat next to mine. I'm obviously not alone in my love of those little cinnamon and sugar biscuits.

Stef of Cupcake Project was kind enough to share the recipe for biscoffs along with tips for stamping them with a happy message or even company name.
Using a stamp set from Williams-Sonoma, she shows a little love for her blog.
These fuss-free cookies are adorably simple, and they'd be great for a casual, laid-back get together among friends. If you haven't yet enjoyed a biscoff, let me just tell you, they would be a perfect gift. Why waste time and money trying to figure out the perfect gift for your boyfriend's cousin's going away present when you could whip these out and save your sanity?

They aren't at all fragile, so they'd ship nicely. It's never too early to plan some inexpensive, but heartfelt gifts for all kinds of occasions.

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