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They Draw and Cook

I came across They Draw and Cook on Twig & Thistle last week and just had to share. The site showcases the work of bakers who illustrate or perhaps they're illustrators who bake. Either way, each yummy recipe includes a drawing of the recipe. Check out of few of the dessert recipes and drawings I found.

Some have step-by-step instructions like these Candy Apples by Aneu Martinez.
While others are a little more vague, like these Brain Cupcakes by Ariel Duncan.
Here are some other great illustrations:
Secret Mexican Flourless Chocolate Cake by Amy Ventura
Vegan Almond Cookies by Julissa Mora
Raspberry Bars by Salli Swindell
Swing by They Draw and Cook, then come back here and tell me your favorite drawing/recipe!

1 comment:

Àneu said...

What a surprise! Thanks a lot Shanuna to choose my recipe to illustrate your post n.n

Regarding to your question, I think it's just impossible to choose only one!! There are too many delicious recipes & excellent illustrators in "They draw and cook", and all of them have something special ;)

PD: I know this post is from August... But I have discovered on January firs so ¡¡Happy new year Shauna!!

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