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Desserts on Parade: Sweet Halloween Costumes

I know, I know. It's not even October yet, and here we go with the Halloween stuff. But, if you're like me, you like to make costumes for your kids. Of course, that means starting the project and planning a little earlier than if you're buying a pre-made one.

Last year, I had owls on the brain. You could probably tell from this post. Here's a good picture of the owl mask I made for my daughter. I also created a feathered body suit that she could wear while still in her Bjorn. This pic was taken after the festivities were over and she'd taken off the feathered body suit.

I always ooh and aah over the adorable Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costumes, and this year they're downright drool-worthy. PB has added several dessert costumes to their usual lineup. I love these ideas so much, that I'm going to make a sweet costume for my little one.

This cupcake cutie has a matching candy bag.
I might recreate this sweet donut. It looks so simple. Nothing more than some fabric and a pink sweatsuit.
This cookie costume seems pretty simple. Just add a scalloped felt circle to a white turtleneck and brown sweatpants. What could be easier?
Obviously, you can't dessert without a little bit of milk to wash it all down.
Perhaps you're making costumes for your own party. I'd love to see what you come up with, so share some pics of your Halloween prep and parties on the SYDT Facebook page! In the meantime, tell me what are you doing this Halloween?

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