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Reader Recommendation: More Pretty Packaging

Yesterday, I showed you some of Understory Chocolatier's beautiful packaging for their dark chocolate milk, chocolate bars, cocoa powder, and chocolate bark. I also asked you to tell me what product packages you really love, and reader Jacinta suggested Haigh's Chocolates.
Jacinta loves the Australian company's boxes and tins, and I really like some of their molded chocolates. Just look at this selection.

This is an endangered Australian bilby. He's also referred to as the Easter Bilby, and is the Australian alternative to the Easter Bunny.
This little frog is stamped with Haigh's logo.
What a great suggestion, Jacinta! Thanks for introducing me to Haigh's Chocolates.

images: Haigh's box (Just Cameron), bilby (, frog (Radio DJ Chris Glenn)

1 comment:

Bel said...

Haighs are one of the yummiest Chocolates around (I type this while indulging in a couple of haighs Orange Pastilles, YUM!)

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