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This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

I've admired artist Shinmin Li's cake designs for awhile, and I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you. Li is the owner and genius behind I Dream of Cake, and her cakes are truly works of art. Every member of the I Dream team is trained in painting, sculpting, graphic design, or textile design. And it shows.

I can only imagine what the rest of the event was like, given this chocolate Jabba the Hut wedding cake the couple chose.
This vanilla caramel swirl cake was based on a bride's Jin Wang gown. Can you imagine packing so much detail into a cake that only feeds 30? The blooming rose, large bow, and cascading folds of the skirt aren't fussy or overdone. They showcase the perfect balance of artistry and believability. 
What a fabulous birthday cake. I love the idea of people going all-out to celebrate their own milestones. Why wait for a wedding to get your dream cake? The Prada cake was designed to celebrate a woman's love of red shoes for her big day.
You would never guess that this Operation homage was really a chocolate fugde cake with chocolate buttercream. What a great cake for a kid's party.

This toasted almond cake was designed for an enchanted tea party. Can you imagine sipping tea with this little beauty in the middle of the table? Shinmin's attention to detail is impeccable, which makes all of her designs lifelike and worthy of close inspection.
Be sure to check out all of Shinmin's beautiful galleries and see inside the bakery. The cakes are on display in true art gallery fashion.

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