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Cake Imitates Art

The Fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings features cakes inspired by famous paintings. Here are a few of my favorite interpretations.

A variety of colored fondant dots decorate this cake to resemble Damien Hirst's dot paintings. Eliminating the letters keeps the cake from looking too cluttered.

This sculpted cake has a painted quality. It looks like the canvas brought to life. Just look at the golden tips on those orange-red flowers and the metallic shimmer on the flower urn. Stunning.
It would have been so easy to make little yellow and light blue fondant squares to cover this cake, but re-creating the artwork from an aerial view on mini cakes is a great mod idea.
Be sure to check out all of the art becomes cake features here and tell me, Which of these three is your favorite?


Rowaida said...

Interesting cake inspired by the painting of artist Josef Albers it is nice for small cakes. Love love the Sunflowers cake inspired by Vincent van Gogh! Amazing!
If I want to chose between the 3 choices I will chose the cake inspired by The hyper-realistic botanical still-life paintings.
Love your blog and amazing work!

JC's Loft said...

Oh wow, now that is cool!

Anonymous said...

Great concept! It's like life imitating art!

I adore the first cake (Damien Hirst) - it's so whimsical and fun.

Katie Bright said...

These are beautiful!! I love them all!

Sandi said...

is that second one really a cake? wow!

yellow+gray said...

I'm a mod girl so I love the Damien Hirst cake! But I have to admit the cake in the urn is breathtaking.

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