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I Heart Cookieboy!

Brooklyn Bride recently introduced her readers, myself included, to Cookieboy. The name intrigued me, because in my experience, most bakers who specialize in cookies are typically women. I was curious to see how a man's perspective would effect the style and themes he chose for his cookie creations, so I delved further into Cookieboy's portfolio.

Let's start with Cookieboy's website intro page. I love that the cookies resemble the huge, bling-y necklaces 80s wrappers used to wear.
When's the last time you saw a fighting goat and wolf cookie or a sheep wearing Christmas lights?
And no party is complete without an Adam and Eve cookie. Notice the lipstick print on Adam's stomach?
Sleeping Beauty cookies are usually all about flowers and cute woodland animals. But, I think this mirror with the rotten apple is a creepy, sinister Sleeping Beauty reference.
Cookieboy's creations definitely have a different slant than the cookies I'm used to seeing. I found myself really studying some of his cookies looking for small details, like the lipstick print. I'll probably never figure out that wolf and goat thing. Maybe the Cookieboy blog will give some insight.


Lori said...

Excellent design detail!

Paper + Food said...

Cute blog! I so looovveee desserts and stylish desserts, too!

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