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October 13, 2010

Cozy Pear Crisp

This year, I'm much more interested in experimenting with pear desserts rather than relying on the traditional apple varieties. Fall is the perfect season for pears, so I really like this Cardamom Pear Crisp recipe that I found on Sunday Suppers.
The wonderful thing about a crisp is that you don't have to stress about whether your crust will be perfectly flaky and golden like you do with a pie.
Something about the deconstructed quality of a crisp makes the dessert seem so much more suited to low-key, cozy gatherings.

Be sure to come back tomorrow. I'll be sharing photos and tips from my most recent dessert table design. I designed this one to be so simple and affordable even the a novice baker can replicate it for a fuss-free Halloween bash. I'll also give you some great printables and other goodies to help finish off your own design.

See you then!

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With Style and Grace said...

I just discovered your {lovely} site via Twig and Thistle and completely blown away with your incredible talent! Beautiful photographs, great content and I definitely need to give this recipe a try! Cheers ~Lisa

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