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Witch Finger Cookies

One of my childhood friends, Christa of Le Petit Brioche, has taken up baking and cooking in a serious way. Christa is self-taught and through lots of trial and error, she's becoming quite the skilled baker. When I saw this post on her blog last week, I just had to share it with you.

Christa was unhappy with traditional witch finger cookie recipes she'd seen and decided to experiment with shortbread dough. If you've ever used sugar cookie dough with cookie cutters, then you know how misshapen the resulting cookie can become. The dough expands so much that you lose a lot of the detail the cutter created. Just think about these shortbread Girl Scout cookies. They retain the shape of the girl's silhouette very well.
 A dip into a pool of red-dyed white chocolate adds a bit of bloody goo to each witch finger.
Be sure to check out Christa's blog here for the witch finger recipe and step-by-step tutorial. Also be sure to check out some of her other posts like the iPhone cake for her dad and the Xbox 360 cake for her husband.

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