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Mad For Madeleines

I've recently become slightly obsessed with madeleines. Traditionally, madeleine cookies have a cakey texture and a buttery flavor. However, more bakers are concocting interesting flavor combos to give the timeless treat a new twist.

These orange and brown butter madeleines on Cannelle et Vanille have a simple recipe and are lovely when dusted with powdered sugar.
Mad Mac offers madeleines in several flavors, like chocolate and pistachio.
A special mold gives the cookies their signature shell shape, no special talents required.
Martha Stewart uses madeleines to dress up a simple, frosted cake. Each guest's slice of cake would have a wonderful little cookie with it. Anytime I'm given two desserts in one, I'm a happy woman.

Lemon curd filling adds another layer of flavor to these buttery madeleines.
If you're not quite ready to tackle baking some madeleines from scratch, buy a small batch from a local bakery to sample. I've even seen them recently at Target. You can also use store-bougth madeleines and your favorite frosting to make sandwiches cookies like the ones above.

Have you seen madeleines popping up in bakeries around your town?


Rowaida said...

Gorgeous post Shauna! I would love to try to make some madeleins and macaroons, love these sweets so tasty and so elegent in dessert tables. Always buy macaroon from Ladurée and madeleins at Fauchon.

postcards and pretties said...

i too am mad for madeleines...they are so buttery & delicious!!

JC's Loft said...

Never tried them, but they look delish!


Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Rowaida, I'm so jealous that you have Fauchon nearby. I've had Laduree's macarons. They're phenomenal.

postcards and pretties, I really have become a little obsessed with them lately.

JC's Loft, If you try the ones at Target, let me know if you like them.

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