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Recipe: Harvest Pumpkin Trifle

Thanksgiving is just two days away, and the clock is ticking. Perhaps you've procrastinated, and haven't even planned your dessert. Maybe you just want to throw your family a sweet curve ball.

This Harvest Pumpkin Trifle from Better Homes and Gardens is incredibly easy to make, especially if you use some inexpensive store-bought sweets.
A trifle is an English dessert made of layers of spongecake or pound cake, pudding or custard, and fruit. Buy a pre-made pound cake, whip up a batch of your favorite pudding, and you're more than halfway done.

Everyone loves single-serving desserts, because they seem so personal and time-consuming. Fool 'em all with these easy-to-layer personalized treats.

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oh my!! that looks wonderful

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