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Dessert Table: Have a Vibrant New Year

I don't want to send you into sugar shock, so we'll work our way up to today's glammed-out, super luxe shoot. If you loved the ease of those metallic champagne cupcakes, then this simple dessert table will be an attainable step up.

Inspired by This featured this Isari Flowers inspirational New Year's Eve party shoot. A few reflective surfaces, some gold and silver balloons, and one stunning cake make this fete simple, yet glamorous.
Mingle glass candle holders and gold foil-wrapped candies in apothecary jars to make a second, no-fuss dessert station. Don't have mirrored tables? Mimic the look by placing frameless mirrors on the table, and place your desserts and dishes on top of the mirrors.
Although he's not featured with the desserts, I wonder if dogs in chairs will be one of the new photo shoot trends of 2011. I shared this pooch at a party with you just last week.
Hopefully you didn't go into a gilded sugar coma, because I've got another sensational dessert spread coming your way today. Stay tuned.

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Sandi said...

i love the mirrored table with the gold!! beautiful!

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