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Winter Whimsy

Winter in Minnesota means skiing, sledding, broomball, and lots of snow. These hobbies and icy accents have a way of showing up in all kinds of events, and here are a few desserts that are Whimsical Winter done right.

Brooklyn Bride featured this glacial cake in the Week in Review. Somehow, the cake manages to showcase a plethora of winter symbolism without looking overly cutesy or cluttered.
Cakes 4 Fun created this jagged masterpiece using rice paper and edible glitter.
This Le Petit Atelier cookie is one of the most ornate gingerbread snowflakes I've ever seen. The swirls and silver beads make it an edible luxury.
Nothing says "Winter" like dogs in sweaters, right? Eleni's certainly thinks so.
I like the little dog cookies, but the sculptural, icy cake gets my vote. It's definitely a showstopper. Which one is your favorite winter-y design?

Today's the eighth day of the 10 Days of Craftsmas. I'll be back with the next DIY project of the series later today. See you then! 

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