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Behind the Scenes: Mpls Photo Center Walk-Thru

If you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook, then you already know that I'm working on a new design for a collaboration with photog Emily Steffen, stylist Bethany Hway, and florist Melissa Stratton of Sadie's Florals. We'll be putting our skills to work to create something really fun at the Mpls Photo Center.

Monday, we all met to view the venue and brainstorm the design concept. Just check out this space.
The space is so big that there's room for several living areas.

After jotting down some ideas, we headed downstairs to check out some of Melissa's inventory.
After the meeting, I created an inspiration board so we can all visualize the design we want to create.

I love this stage of the design process. It's all about finding images, fabrics, and ideas that motivate and inspire you. Each item speaks to you and stands out from the other million images you've come across. At this stage, you put logic and rational thought aside. You focus strictly on the imaginative, "what if" ideas that pop into your head.

Tell me, how do you find inspiration for your design projects?

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Rowaida said...

Wow!!! this looks like a very interesting project! can't wait to see it finished, I am sure it will be amazing. Wish you great success Shauna!

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