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Candy Shop Tour: Sugar Sugar

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you already know I spent last Saturday meeting with Maddy of Inspired Bride and Amy Hardy of Design 8 Days to discuss an upcoming project. After that, I visited Sugar Sugar to meet Joni and discuss candy options for a dessert table I'm designing. Next, I met with Kirsten of Event Design and her client to discuss the tropical dessert table I'm designing for her wedding.

Since so many of you liked the photo tour of Minnesota's Largest Candy Store that I shared with you over the summer, I figured I'd give you a little peek inside of Sugar Sugar. It's a small shop, but the curated collection of unusual, hard-to-find candies makes it great. A wall of sweets greets customers, while chocolate rings sit under a glass dome on the front counter.
A variety of candy bars with fabulously designed labels line the shelves of the counter. Check out some of the Komforte Chocolate bars. Ramen noodles? Who knew?
 Hand-painted truffles are on display under the glass counter top.
 Of course, there are lots of traditional Valentine's candies on display as well.
If you're in the Twin Cities, you should definitely visit Sugar Sugar's Minneapolis shop. When I was there, a lot of regular customers came, talked to the shop owner, and even brought in their dogs. It's a great little community candy store that has big city sweets.

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Rowaida said...

What a sweet post love it, wish you a wonderful month full of sweetness and love!

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