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Dessert Trend: Liqueur-licious Ice Cream

I've mentioned my love for Twitter before, when I told you about Follow Fridays and Sweet Tooth reader/baker Laura's tweet to me. You may remember this gorgeous brunette torte she invented and submitted to Sweet Tooth during the holidays. At its core, Twitter's really great for making connections.

A few weeks ago, Lee of Lee's Cream Liqueur tweeted that she loved my dessert tables. Of course, that lead me to check out her site only to discover that she's combining ice cream and alcohol at her little shop. I've tried liqueur-infused cupcakes, but never ice cream.
After we exchanged a few tweets, I discovered that Lee's shop, which specializes in alcohol-infused ice cream, is near my dear friend's house. Luckily, Grace loves sweets as much as I do, so she was happy to visit the shop, takes pics, and eat lots of ice cream. With 49 alcoholic flavors (and several non-alcoholic ones), Grace had lots of taste testing in front of her.

After years of experimenting and trying to freeze alcohol (which has a lower freezing temp than water), Lee finally perfected several liqueur'ed up flavors. The menu includes innovative combinations like avocado vodka, Habanero Jack Daniels, and Root Beer Float Rum. Grace noted that some of the flavors had a powerful alcohol flavor, while others packed a more subtle punch.

Even though she sampled nearly every flavor Lee had to offer, Grace is a kid at heart so she ordered the non-alcoholic bananas and Oreos combo. If you're in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, it might be worth your time to swing by Lee's and sample some of the ice creams for yourself.

Have you seen any liqueur ice creameries in your area?

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