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Dessert Trend: M&M Cakes

We've got a few different dessert trends emerging this year. I noticed the pooch at a party trend, followed by the pony at a party concept. After sharing this candy covered Valentine's cake with you, I came across this blue and yellow version at a real wedding on Style Me Pretty.
Other blueberry and lemon treats compliment the cake's motif, while an M&M-lined tray displays seating cards.
I wonder if M&Ms will become a frequently used decoration for cakes. You might remember this pink and red M&Ms cake that I featured around Valentine's Day. It seems like an easy enough element to add to a cake. Since the candies come in so many colors, I imagine you could find any combination you need for your party. 

Do you like this trend?


Rowaida said...

What a wonderful idea so modern and very trendy, love it.
What do you think of my dessert table Shauna

Sandi said...

I love this trend! the colors are amazing.

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