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Classic Cookies with a Twist

Nothing is more classic than chocolate chip cookies. Many childhood tantrums and dreams center around them, and even now a fresh one straight from the oven makes me extremely happy. These simple twists on the classic are easy enough to try on your own.

Whether it's a deep-dish version, a sandwich presentation, or a cookie dough cupcake, I think any kid (and most grown-ups) would love 'em.
deep dish cookie, chocolate chip cookie sandwichescookie dough cupcakes


Rowaida said...

Yummy! looks delicious

Xiaolu Hou said...

Wow you made my day, Shauna! I am enamored with your work and adore your blog. Thanks so much for the feature here <3. The other cookie ideas are great too. I've actually been wanting to try a cupcake with floury cookie dough-flavored frosting.

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