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Dessert Table: Tea-licious! Pt II

I shared a few lovely pics of this all-white dessert/dining table with you earlier, and I'm back with even more images of this Hello Naomi, Bo Peep ProductionsNatalie Hunfalvay collaboration via Somewhere Splendid. I think it's so clever to combine the dessert table and dining table in one. It really creates a community dining experience of sharing and passing plates. What a great idea for a bridal shower.
Doesn't this unstructured display make a dessert table seem attainable for any baker? A few mismatched cake stands and tea cups look like a cohesive display when unified by the all-white color palette.


Rowaida said...

Amazingly beautiful, gorgeous table!

polkadotmusic said...

Looove this. So clean and fresh and just lovely!

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