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Festive Cookie Wreath

Ok, so every year I'm like, "I'm gonna make a gorgeous, crafty, colorful wreath for the front door." I'll admit, that I haven't accomplished that goal most years, but maybe that's because I haven't thought of making a wreath I could eat.

This cookie wreath by Julia Usher via Sweetopia is creative, beautiful, and tempting, right?
Even better, there's a kit to make it full-proof and easy.
This wreath would be awesome as the centerpiece of a holiday dessert table, right?


Rowaida said...

Amazing cookies by Julia Usher a sweet and wonderful friend on twitter. I ordered her book from UK Amazon, In London the book will be available this month, can't wait to receive it

Stacey @InTouchEvents said...

Ooooh how creative!

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