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DIYs Around the House

I've been pretty occupied lately with some DIY projects around the house, and although none of them are dessert-related, they are all Shauna-related, so I figured I'd share the results. As always, I convinced my husband to join in.

I made this golden sunburst mirror above the mantle using spray paint, a ceiling medallion, and skewers. All in all, the project was less than $12. A much better deal than the $150-$350 versions online. I also convinced my hub that we should build a wooden surround for our fireplace to cover up the majority of the hideous 13x13 builder-grade tile that was already there. I also got the idea to bring in some bookcases on each side of the fireplace. We decided to keep the mantle stained instead of painting it white so it would still tie into the cabinetry and trim throughout the house.
I chose this palette for our house nearly a year ago, and had a hard time finding decor items that incorporated all of them to unify the space. So, I decided to take this IKEA rug and painted it with the colors that we used throughout the house. Those stripes that look brownish are really a shimmery gold, which ties into the sunburst mirror above the mantle.

Did you guys tackle any fun/crafty projects recently?

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Rowaida said...

Very creative ideas Shauna
Best Wishes

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