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Sweet Idea: Raspberry Ice Cream Pie

Got graham crackers, Jell-o, and ice cream? If so, then you're just a refrigerator away from an easy, but really beautiful ice cream pie. Rockstar Diaries featured the no-brainer basic steps for this treat. I'll be whipping one of these lovelies up for Father's Day.
Since the ice cream is flavored by Jell-o, you can easily switch it up with any other fruit and top it with beautifully-arranged slices. Lime or strawberry, perhaps?


Melissa said...

I am so making this. Only for the crust I'll be using, wait for it OREOS XD! I think they'll look awesome in contrast to the pink.

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

You're right, Melissa! The contrast would be really nice.

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