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A Handmade Holiday with the Younges

It doesn't feel like it outside, but it's the holiday season. I baked up some pretty bundt cakes and added some great DIY touches to our decor this Christmas with easy projects that kiddo helped me make to create a Handmade Holiday. We photographed it all for Confetti Pop, so go on over and check it out. We'll be sharing tutorials and DIYs throughout the week to help you recreate the look.

But here on Sweet Tooth, we're all about the yummy stuff, so I figured I'd focus on seasonal bundts. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. A fabulous bundt pan turns your boxed cake mix into something really spectacular. We shot this a couple of weeks ago, but don't worry, those little bundts didn't go to waste. My family and I chowed down on those pretty cakes for Thanksgiving.

Who doesn't love a pile of sweets? She Cooks, She Gardens featured these chocolate banana bundts.
Use a pretty pan as a serving dish. Dine and Dash featured this great PB&J bunt.
Have you started decorating, yet? What's your theme or color palette this year?


Anthony Hopper said...

Looks delicious!

Rowaida said...

Shauna I love it. You are really amazing . Best wishes and Happy holidays.
Have 3 size christmas trees one in Gold and Silver. The 2nd red and gold. The 3rd is very colorful one. Enjoying baking cookies and sweets at this time. I love this month my favorite, my birthday 17th, our son's 18th and Christmas. Love it.

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