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Sweet Advice: How Do I Get Business?

I get a lot of emails from readers who are trying to start their own dessert businesses. This week, I got a Facebook message from Briana, so I figured I'd share my response here with all of you.

Briana asked, "I'm curious to know if there is any advice you can share with me on how I can attract event planners and corporate clients as a new and upcoming business?"
Sweet Tooth | Watercolor Me Lovely ombre dessert table by Shauna Younge
Thanks for the question, Briana! When I started out, I was a new stay-at-home mom looking for a job that would give me the flexibility to stay home and still be creative and involved in the "real" world. I didn't have any connections in the event industry or any experience. What I did have was time to pull together a portfolio of my dessert tables, which were examples I created in my home, and time to rove the internetz.
Sweet Tooth | Graphic + Glitz dessert table by Shauna Younge
I met Maddy Hague online about three years ago. We chatted a few times, then met up for dinner one day. Since then, we've worked on a ton of projects together and even became business partners a few months ago when we launched Confetti Pop. We followed these same steps when we started CP, and The Style Lab, which starts next week. These tips have worked for me time and again.

1) Get to Know the Pros: Learn about the event industry, planners, and other professionals in your area.

2) Be Proactive: Don't wait for them to find you. Engage with them via social media. If they have a funny tweet, respond. If you like one of their Facebook pics, let them know. I have several followers, one who lives in Kuwait, that are very active in the comments section, on Instagram, and Twitter.

3) Jump at Opportunity: Any time you can meet people or show your work, jumped at it wholeheartedly. Just be careful that you don't lose money and weigh the pros and cons before accepting a free gig.
Sweet Tooth | Customized sweets by Shauna Younge Dessert Tables
I hope that helps, Briana. Thanks for your question, and for introducing yourself on Facebook. Feel free to engage on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, too.

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Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Such a candid and helpful post for those just starting out!

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