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Sweet Idea: Fancy Popsicles

What summer-y treat has basil, mint, and rosemary in the mix? Grown-up popsicles, of course! I'm loving these punchy popsicle pics (see what I did there with the "P" alliteration?) from for Memorial Day. Why blend up fruit when adding them whole makes such a pretty, modern pop? And let's face it, sometimes I'm not in the mood to pull out and clean up the blender.
Sweet Tooth | Fancy Popsicles via
Sweet Tooth | Fancy Popsicles via
Check out for recipes for these fancy frozen favorites (I'm in an alliteration mood today, I guess.). There's even one for a mojito pop. Mmmm!

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Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

We just love's creative projects, too! These popsicles would be a hit at a summer bridal shower!

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