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Last-Minute Halloween Idea: DIY Monster Mouth Favors Pt II

It's two days until it's time to hit up the neighbors for sacks full of candy. That's right, friends, Halloween is almost here! You know I'm jazzed about that. Even if you haven't crafted a single Halloween project with your kids, it's not too late to get in on in some spooky fun. I made these DIY Monster Mouth Favors for Momtastic, and they're a breeze.
Last-Minute Halloween Idea: DIY Monster Mouth Favors
Make them with your kids, or surprise them by slipping one in their lunchbox on Friday. They take 5 mins, I promise! Swing by Momtastic to check out the tutorial. You can also see this bad boy in action on my Instagram feed.

And, I know you're thinking, "Why is this project labeled as Part II?" Well, because you might want to check out the DIY Monster Mouth Favors I whipped up last year.

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Call me Cupcake said...

Amazing Sweet Table for a Baby Shower. Elegant and super cute !

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