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The Biggest Little House Favor Printables

Last week, we were treated to an advance performance of The Children's Theatre's The Biggest Little House. The story is based on the book by Djemma Bider, and it's full of sweetness and laughs. We've seen several plays in the large theater at CTC, but none in the intimate Cargill Stage theater. We like to really get into plays, which you already know because of this and this. We read the book, watch the movie, then watch the play if all of those options are available. Then, we discuss which format we liked better and why. I really think plays bring books and movies to life in a way that uniquely interests kids.
Printable DIY Woodland Favor Bags | Shauna Younge | Sweet Tooth
During The Biggest Little House, which is perfect for kids between two and five years old, kids sit on low benches right at the edge of the stage. They're free to laugh, pop bubbles, and enjoy the various characters who live together in a tiny house that is bursting with love. Our girls liked it so much, that I cooked up this little DIY project just in time for Valentine's Day. Just like the holiday, this little play is full of love, love, love.  
Printable DIY Woodland Favor Bags | Shauna Younge | Sweet Tooth

Since the play focuses on a variety of woodland animals living in harmony together, I thought it'd be nice for several different candies to reside peacefully in this favor bag (right before taking residency in my mouth!).

Check out the quick and easy tutorial below. If you haven't already made plans to see The Children's Theater's The Biggest Little House  definitely add it to your to-do list. It's running now through March 15th, and it's perfectly tailored to tykes. Even the adults giggled a time or two. Seriously, what better way to get the kids excited about their upcoming theater date, than by reading the book and crafting up a cute little favor bag or two?

this favor template
2.5" x 4" white envelopes
8.5" x 11" paper
washi tape
candy, candy, candy

Download and print this favor bag template in black and white onto a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. Tape each envelope into position using washi tape. Unlike transparent tape, washi is less sticky and won't rip your envelopes when you remove them from the paper.

Print the template, this time in color, to transfer the images onto each favor bag. Gently remove each envelope from the paper.

Cut the tops of the envelopes into roof shapes, if you wish, and fill with a variety of small candies.

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