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Faux Bois Chocolate Tutorial

Yesterday, I showed you a few behind the scenes glimpses of Monday's magazine shoot. I also promised to show you how to make faux bois chocolate pieces that you can use to adorn cupcakes, the tops of cookies, or enjoy on their own. So, here's the tutorial.

You'll need a spoon, milk and white chocolate, cookie cutters of any shape, parchment paper, and a wood-graining tool. You can find the tool at paint stores. They're typically used to make wood grain patterns on walls.
Step 1: After melting both types of chocolate in the microwave (Follow package directions), pour a ribbon of the milk chocolate onto the parchment paper. Drag the wood grain tool vertically through the chocolate and down the parchment. Using different sides of the tool will create different wood grain patterns.
Step 2: Put the milk chocolate and parchment (use a cutting board to keep it steady) in the fridge for a few minutes until the chocolate has hardened. Once hardened remove from fridge.

Step 3: Pour ribbons of white chocolate across the milk chocolate grains. Using the back of the spoon, or offset spatula, or butter knife, gently spread the white chocolate across the milk chocolate to fill in the grooves made by the tool.
 Step 4: Put the parchment and chocolate back in the fridge to harden. Once hardened, remove and use your cookie cutters to make your shapes.
Step 5: Voila! You faux bois chocolate shapes are now ready to use. You can store them in the fridge or freezer for months, if need be. Get creative with the shapes and sizes you make. You can attach the chocolate to your favorite desserts using a little dab of frosting. Frost a cookie, then use the same cutter to make the faux bois topper. Or, use the unique shapes as cupcake stoppers protruding from your little cake.

Here, I've made some leaf-shaped chocolates as well as rounds and shards.
Aren't those Lil Fish Studios felt acorns cute? The leaf-shaped faux bois chocolates combined with the acorns would make a great cupcake topper.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It's a very easy, fun project. I'd love to see what you guys use the faux bois chocolate for, so let me know!

Come back later today to see my guest post for another blogger. I'm sharing tips to help you create your own dessert tables. See you then!

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Lisa at lil fish studios said...

very clever! Thanks so much for showing off my acorns. Now, pass a cupcake please. :)

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