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Behind the Scenes: Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Yesterday's Mpls.St.Paul Magazine shoot went really well, so I wanted to share a few behind-the-scenes shots that I was able to grab while we worked. The morning of the shoot, I made these faux bois chocolate rounds. They were very easy to make, so I'll be back with the tutorial for those tomorrow.
Along with the rounds, I also brought the remnants to the set. You never know what will work best for the shoot, so it's good to bring everything. I like the sharp angles and abstract forms of these pieces.

When I arrived at the studio, I started setting up the table and unpacking the desserts while the photographer and I waited for the art directors to arrive.
If you've never been on a commercial set, let me tell you, it's a flurry of activity. Along with the photographer, you usually also work with an art director, and sometimes there is also a stylist on set. Everyone on set has the same goal, to compose a shot that translates well in print, is impactful to the readers, and showcases the subject well.

For this shoot, I worked with photographer Steve Henke and two art directors from MSP Mag, Terri and Brian. Here, Steve and Terri (far right) check out the shot on the computer to see what adjustments we should make. Steve's daughter (left) hung out for the shoot, too. 
After each shot, we all view it on the computer and make micro adjustments to improve the layout. We move things for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps a cupcake is casting a shadow that obscures a cookie or a candy dish is blocking a clear view of a platter. 

Here, Terri and Steve make some adjustments while Steve and I study the shot onscreen.
Although these adjustments (and there are many) can make for a lengthy shoot, I really enjoy the process. It's a very creative, collaborative environment. I'm very detail-oriented, so I get a kick out of discussing the minute details and components that go into styling a beautiful photograph.

It was great to work with everyone, but my favorite part of any commercial shoot is the food!
I hope you all liked these little sneak peeks of my shoot yesterday. I can't wait to share the feature with you when it hits newsstands.

Tomorrow, I'll show you how to make those easy faux bois (simulated wood grain) chocolate rounds. I'll also be guest blogging elsewhere tomorrow, so I'll share that post with you as well. See you then!

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Martine said...

The food does look yummy! Can't wait to see the final results...

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