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Neapolitan Notions

Warm weather always stirs up a longing for ice cream and other cool treats. These Neapolitan goodies turn the classic ice cream flavor into unexpected desserts. I've also been a big fan of a pink and chocolate brown color palette. It's feminine, but not too girly.
I really like the popsicles. I remember making my own popsicles as a kid and mixing and matching flavors and colors. What an easy lazy-day project to do with the kids. Plus, if you use natural fruit juices, you won't feel nearly so guilty about eating two (or five) every day. 

On an unrelated note, I'll be making the Graphic + Glitz chalkboard cookies today. Depending on exactly when I finish them up, I'll either post them later today or first thing tomorrow. 

cake via Pinterest, cheesecakes via Bakers Royale, popsicles via Pinterest, cookies and milk via Sweetapolita, chocolate bar via Chocolate Editions

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Linda Burt said...

Yay, looking forward to your Chalkboard Cookie Post. Thanks for hearing your fans! Hugs!

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