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Featured: Sweet Merveilles

Sweet Merveilles is a Singapore based company run by two sisters. Zal and Ifah have been baking macarons for three years. In that short time, they have mastered the French delight. Zal engineers the baking, while Ifah creates the final designs. Their passion for creativity is evident in their artful designs that transform classic macarons into modern masterpieces.

Their macaron Christmas tree defies gravity, while the boxed macaron tower makes the perfect centerpiece for a DIY dessert buffet. I didn't even know that macarons could be made into shapes, but the sprinkled heart-shaped goodies would be sweet Valentine's treats. The rainbow macarons cake is very reminiscent of this Martha Stewart Weddings cake. This would be an inexpensive, yet elegant, way to cut the cost of your cake. A simple frosted or fondant-covered cake is elevated by the creativity of the colorful macarons.


DollFace Delights said...

I love Macaroons!! Thanks for sharing this info, I have to make time to check out their website.

cookies and cups said...

gorgeous blog, all these great ideas!

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