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Contest: Sugar Shacks

It's that time of year, so get out your graham crackers, frosting, and gum drops. Martha has a collection of different gingerbread houses, that range from unconventional black and white to classic candy cane fun. My attempts have been lackluster in years past. Here's hoping to a better outcome for the '09 model.
I'd love to see your gingerbread houses. Send your images to info {at} shaunayounge {dot} com and I'll post them! The best gingerbread house's creator will get a $10 JC Penney gift card! Become a follower to get the latest updates on the contest and see the winning house.

*All submissions must be received by Nov 20. Winner will be announced Nov 23.*


Little Miss Baker said...

Oh my if I had the time I would totally do one!! What a cute blog you have and lovely dessert tables :) Everything looks great!!! xo

gabryela said...

great work and beautiful!

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