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Dessert Table: Hanukkah's Silver and Blue

Hanukkah starts December 12th this year, which gives you plenty of time to plan, buy, and create some delicious treats for your guests. Blue and silver are the traditional colors of the holiday, and this time of year, there are sure to be tons of silver-y blue ornaments and decor to sprinkle across your table.

Glittery dreidels strung above the table make a perfect banner, while a tiered cake is sure to be a show-stopper. Have a baker (or your crafty self) handpaint a menorah on one side and a dreidel on the other for a 360 degree experience. Cookies decorated with royal icing can be packed away as favors or displayed during the party.

Table, Sufganiyot, Favor boxes (Martha Stewart), Cookies (Whipped Bake Shop), Hanukkah cake (Dahlia's Cakes)
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